3 Office Spring Cleaning Ideas and Strategies From a Janitorial Service

Simplifying Your Office Cleaning This Spring

Spring cleaning at work doesn’t need to be complicated, and it shouldn’t be something your team dreads. This post will share office cleaning tips and strategies, including printable office spring cleaning checklists to simplify your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily cleaning processes. Here are 3 office spring cleaning ideas and strategies from a janitorial service provider.

Turn Cleaning Into a Team Building Initiative

Turn office spring cleaning into a team-building initiative by getting everyone involved. Instead of looking at it as an unpleasant task, make a fun day or half-day out of it and allow your team to work together on tidying and organizing the workplace you all share. It’s important that you don’t add cleaning tasks on top of an already full workload. Your team should be given extra time away from work duties to focus on the spring cleaning initiative together.

Provide Guidance and Resources to Keep Personal Spaces Clean

In addition to shared spaces, provide your team with the guidance and resources they need to keep their personal offices or workspaces clean and tidy. Checklists and clear processes help, but you should also supply all team members with cleaning and organizational supplies, such as file folders, desk organizers, baskets, desk cable management supplies, garbage and recycle bins, and anything else they might need.

Set Clear Cleaning Processes For the Rest of the Year

Spring cleaning is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t stop there. Office cleaning and maintenance is an ongoing practice that needs attention throughout the year. Ensure all of your hard work in the spring is maintained throughout the year so that it’s not as big of a project next spring. Establish clear processes so that everyone on the team, including new hires, knows what’s expected, who is responsible for what, and when cleaning tasks must be completed.

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